Why choose FFB?



Straightforward:  you tell us what you need and we

                             deliver it


Reliable:               we agree timescales with you and

                             meet them


Confidential:        we do not share the content of

                             any assignment with other parties


Flexible:               we recognise that all our clients

                             have differing needs and adjust our

                             approach to meet them


About us


John Callan DPSI NRPSI has more than 20 years' experience of working in a fast-paced global business environment, both in the UK and in France.  Fluent in French and used to providing translation support to overseas manufacturers and retailers, he has direct experience of working closely with many business functions including:


   Operations       HR       Finance       Legal       Compliance   


         Corporate Affairs       Marketing       Purchasing





























Tel:    +44(0)7766 552157